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AS FAR AS I KNOW I AM STILL THE ONLY CANDIDATE SCREAMING bloody murder for U.S. tax payers subsidizing outsourcing corporations by granting tax credits for expenses incurred in shutting down factories and installing them overseas including communist China, Viet Nam, Brazil, benifitting themselves and the Global economy while devestating our own. Only America has such a corporate welfare rust belting law little known because the media talk shows, columnists, politicans etc don't touch it. Bear in mind the NY Times reported G.E. made $14.3 billion which included $3.2 billion in tax credit and paid zero taxes in 2010. What G.E. don't pay we do do or borrow. Outsourcing is not cheap and G.E. exported 60% of their factories per their Rep. at a Jet Engine factory in Brazil on 60 Minutes.. Not a tear shed for their workers here or how much it cost to run the U.S.A., only max profit and patriotic ads as Public Releations is important.

112th CONGRESS - 2nd Session

H.R. 5542 and S. 2884 - 'Bring Home Jobs Act'


(A) In General- Part IX of subchapter B of chapter 1 of the internal Revenue Code of 1986 is amended by adding at the end the following new section:


a) In General- No deduction otherwise allowable under this chapter shall be allowed for any specified outsourcing expense.

To see the full 7 page Bill on your computer punch in H.R. 5542 or S. 2884

THIS BILL WAS INTRODUCED by Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich) and Rep. Bill Pascrell, Jr. (D-NJ). Republicans blocked it 238 - 184 and is now resting in the Senate Finanace Committee and given a 4% chance of being passed.

CONGRESS MEMBERS REFER TO EACH OTHER AS HONORABLE, do you think it is HONORABLE in the country's interest to silently subsidize outsourcing allowing it to continue year after year under Republican and Democratic watches as the rust belt, imbalance of trade, national debit, etc grew and then when the Democrats finally woke up and tried to put a stop to this corporate welfare the Republicans blocked it? Do you think it is HONORABLE to blame unions whose purpose is to create jobs by improving the pay, working conditions, prevent excessive downsizing, vacations, safety, pensions and security of tax payers which ultimately moves the goods and services off the shelves sustaining the economy and controlling excess profits of management? IS IT HONORABLE FOR THE NEWS MEDIA TO IGNORE THESE STORIES?

THE HONORABLE PAUL RYAN, VICE PRESIDENT CANDIDATE and Chairman of the of the House Budget Committee pulled a sneaky Maritime Outsourcing Bill which was passed by Congress and signed into law by President Obama reducing the percentage of cargo U.S. ships could carry via P.L. 480 'Food For Peace' which has been in place since 1985, from 75% to 50%. Our taxes paying more foreigners to carry our domestic food and less for our own private industry ships and crews because it is cheaper. This was accomplished through a last minute, unnoticed rider to House-Senate report on H.R. 4348 and the Maritime Industry are mad as hell. So now a Republican and Democrat Congressmen Cummings(D-MD) & Landry(R-LA) introduced H.R. 6170 to undo the damage, difficult to do once it's law. Not all Republicans and Democrats are bad.

IF ELECTED I WOULD DO MY BEST to change the rules so dishonorable sneak attacks are prohibited which is similar to the costly, silent subsidizing outsourcing law still on the books. Also I would fight to have 100% of our domesticly produced Food For Peace be carried on U.S. ships. Know any other country which would similarly share cargo? What a hell of a way for a crazy Congress to run our country resulting in our current troubles.

DO YOU THINK BRAZIL IS A CAPTALIST RUN COUNTRY? Per Marcelo Soares and Chris Kraul of the Los Angeles Times, Jan 2, 2011, Dilma Rousseff is the 1st female President and former Marxist Guerilla, member of the Workers Party keeping the country's booming economy on track and fleshing out Brazil's developing role on the world stage. Check it out on your computers.

SHOOTING OURSELVES IN THE FOOT. The many who are so anti socialist that they believe we can do no right, only wrong. The biggest profit motivated Captalists has no problem rust belting their factories and exporting them to communist China under joint venture sharing GOVERNMENT ownership and control raising their GDP challenging ours so it is best you factor this in when judging a socialist candidate. Smaller government in the U.S.A.?



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Welcome to our Stanley Blumenthal
ELECT COMRADE BLUMENTHAL TO CONGRESS, DISTRICT 25 A “NO POLITICAL AFFILIATION (NPA)” 87 YEAR YOUNG PROTECTIONIST SOCIALIST. Second time running, last time district 20, incumbent Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D), this time district 25 Mario Diaz-Balart (R)

The American Dream has been outsourced to commie China, India, Mexico, Brazil, etc. by the money hungry job creators looking for the biggest bang for their buck treating their american workers like dispossable cups and not carring about our USA problems. We are a big country so why are most of our jobs in the small and medium businesses? Shouldn’t the biggies like GE, IBM, Motorola, etc be made to supply their fair share of jobs? Shall we let commie China, etc get the heavy big high employment industries and the USA the small stuff? A Marxist principal: Workers should be paid enough to move the goods and services off the shelves. Anyone disagree? Note, Communist run China is now considered to have the 2nd highest economy next to ours in the world and moving up fast.

TIME TO SEND ANOTHER AMERICAN SOCIALIST TO WASHINGTON. Did you know that Senator Bernard Sanders (VT) is an independent socialist? Having at least one in the Senate calls for at least one in the House for balanced input. Waving the flag saying socialisim is bad and America is the greatest captalist country in the world is not stopping G.E., Apple, Whirlpool, etc. to continue exporting our jobs while the Repubs. & Demos. are screaming that to elect the other side would be the worst disaster in our history when both took turns causing the disaster we are in and they can’t blame us socialists. Low taxes for the rich is a stupid, unfair drop in the bucket that will make few jobs, the rich, richer and cause more borrowing from communist China. The rosy pictures promised are not doable. If they were doable it would have been done long ago or should have. Till now there is little hindrance to job exporting.

FINALLY A “Bring Jobs Home Act, introduced by Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich)S.2884 and Rep. Bill Pascrell, Jr (D-NJ) H.R.5542. It would eleminate tax deductions for the expenses of exporting jobs. It would also provide 20% tax credits to companies that bring jobs back. Republicans blocked the measue 238-184 but the Senate has yet to vote on it. Why did they allow this tax deduction in the first place?

EXPORTING JOBS. Captalists not satisfied with normal profits scan the world for the cheapest country to put the jobs where they can make the most money, ignoring the high cost of running the USA, shrinking the tax base, their own workers, wars, intrest & principal owed China etc that has to be paid. Job exporting is not mandatory but destructively common and meekly accepted, most goes to communist China making her our biggest economic and military competitor while praising captalisim and condeming socialisim. Where were our political hacks when we protesters were labeled protectionists? Instead of rewarding the greedy rich with low taxes, TAX no tax paying G.E. and other ILKS to feel the pain the rest of us are feeling caused by their outsourcing. Our foreign policies are the most expensive in the world. Both parties refuse to blame the captalists for job exporting, tax avoiding, rust belting which is why Congress needs patriotic socialists.

VENTURE CAPITAL. A few months ago 60 Minutes visited a G.E. Jet Engine factory in Brazil which has one of the fastest growing economies in the world. The G.E. Rep. mentioned that the parts are made in the USA but he also said that 60 percent of G.E. factories are outsourced. 1. Is our military buying those engines with our tax dollars? 2. Did they get R & D tax deductions? 3. How many other USA firms put their factories in Brazil? 4. Have you seen G.E. advertisments on TV? Conclusion, G.E. doesn’t give a crap for patriotisim or their own workers but they do on Public Relations. If we allow Venture Capital with it’s latest technologies to continue fleeing then the USA is doomed to failure regardless of what the Johnny-come-lately political hacks are currently pitching. If the U.S.A. had nationalized General Electric and all the other job exporting firms their factories would still be here. When unregulated captalisim fails, job saving socialisim can succeed. Patriotisim-n-Socialisim go together.

FREE TRADE AGREEMENTS WITH LEVEL PLAYING FIELDS. Sounds great but actually are one way streets to hell which ends up with an inbalance of trade against us and a coverup for outsourcing .Other then auto assembly plants do you know of any manufacturing or servicing jobs including venture capital insourced from China, Mexico, Asia, anywhere? Much fanfare when Free Trade agreements are signed but no fanfare when our factories are outsourced to our new trading partners and rust belted here. I was sending Letters To The Editor saying, “Ship Goods, Not Factories” while congress allowed tax deductions for the moving cost of outsourcing. A free market economy fails when jobs are exported. Also automation reduces jobs. Note our shut down factories and made elsewhere on our shelves and continuing BS from our billionaire supported politicians.

WE WERE THE PROUDEST, greatest manufacturing country in the world until the Republicans, Democrats, Presidents, Congresses and Think Tanks encouraged outsourcing with tax breaks as Mutually Benifical, a Servicing Economy is OK and inviting the Nature of the Captalist Beasts to take over. Expecting the USA to compete on costs with the 3rd World after giving them our know how is ludicrous. Blaming Unions and Big Govt. spending is what Hacks say to direct attention from the 1% big political contributer outsourcers like G.E. and to get elected. With me you are not getting a far leftist democrat but a USA patriotic NPA leftist. Think of Socialist Congressmen as part of the Check & Balance our founding fathers intended. Destroying unions and deregulations will put more money in the Vulture Captalist pockets and less stimulus money in ours and not enough to bring back factories. It’s better to have high union, tax paying, stimulus wages then tax depleting extended unemployment. Expecting small business to carry the load is stupid. That Jet engine plant belongs here and so does a whole bunch of other factories which shouldn‘t have been allowed to leave considering anything can be made cheaper with our captalists help.

CHINA PLAYS US LIKE KARL MARX SAID “For profit the captalist will sell rope to the hangman which will be used to hang them. (and us)“. China has protectionist laws big time and we must too. 1. To sell to China the greedy must put their factories there as a joint venture revealing all the trade secrets. 2. Under prices their goods to capture every market possible. 3. Insourcing, no outsourcing. 4. No rust belting. 5. Manipulate their currency rate to their advantage. 6. Immune to criticisim, everything is an internal matter. 7. No national debit. 8. Accumulate govt. wealth so that they can buy loads of interest bearing T-Bills (told we should thank them) and still pay for 3 Australian mines which wiped out it’s national debit. 9. Make deals for raw materials all over the world to feed their industries which is one of the reasons for high oil prices. 10. No Ponzi schemes and scams, 11. No downsizing for max profit. 12. No bankruptcies and no bail outs, govt. owns most everything and most everything is subsidized. 13. No foreclosures. 14. Growing middle class. 15. Socialized health and education 16. Staying out of wars. 17. No Beggers. Communist China is now an economic and even military competitor. Note how China does nothing to help the captalist world which gave them most of the outsourcing. Isn’t it stupid for captalists to install state of the art factories in communist China while closing the ones in the U.S.A. and then give tax breaks to the job exporters when unemployment is rampant and also claim captalisim is freedom, socialisim is not? Where is the freedom for our loyal, unemployed workers who normally provide cannon fodder for our military, taxes to pay for our wars and buying power for our economy when their jobs are exported to make the filthy rich, richer? It’s our country we must and can stop jobs and our american dream being exported by imposing proper taxes.

DURING WWII there was much patriotic buying of US war bonds. If T-Bills are good enough for clever China then Patriot Bonds should be good enough for us as a safe, retirement, tax free investment with modest interest. Why weren’t we warned earlier that we were selling so much T-Bills to China? PATRIOTISIM IS NOT A LUXURY, IT’S A NECESSITY IF THE USA IS TO SURVIVE.

GLOBAL ECONOMY - Excuse for outsourcing. It is OK to make money helping another country but not by closing factories here, it’s suicidal. Outsourcing is also a TERROR WEAPON in union, non union and private negotiations. THE BIGGEST REASON FOR OUR NATIONAL DEBIT is that foreign workers don’t pay the taxes we would if the millions of jobs stayed here. How safe are these greedy, outsourcing dummies giving away their own children’s inheretance abandoning the USA where they have a say on the laws? Workers are loyal to their employers and laws should make employers loyal to their workers.

WAR IS A STIMULUS FOR JOBS so how come we don’t see massive war industries? How much of our war materials are purchased from foreign countries? How do we know that low taxes for the rich wont be for more outsourcings, a bigger yacht or pocketed? Note communist Chinese workers don’t have our problems of outsourcing, unemployment, etc. etc. Do they worry about our problems?

WHERE IS THE CREDABILITY of our think tanks, economists, etc not warning that our Free Trade Agreements with the Level Playing Fields will result in our current crisis after years of outsourcing, tax avoidence, rust belting, inbalance of trade, national debit, selling tons of T-Bills to communist China, unnecessary wars which is supposed to be push overs plus missleading us by saying Don’t Be Alarmed, A Servicing Economy Is Mutually Beneficial and afterwards don‘t expect our rust belt factories to reopen or be replaced. Only lately is there talk on bringing back manufacturing after unemployment became our nbr. 1 issue. Think of all the factories that would still be here if they were nationalized or the Repubs. and Demos. had acted to protect them, reversing policy after most cows left the barn! Note how neither party criticizes the tax dodging, campaign contributers, complaining that the USA has the highest tax rate in the world ignoring the legitimate high cost of running the USA and then praising the job exporting rich as successful job creators (for other countries)! This is why we have Wall Street Occupiers and Congress needs comrades. Except for demonizing we socialist get mass media no-attention.

IF ELECTED I would consult with Senator Bernie Sanders (VT), President of AFL/CIO and patriotic citizens like Ralph Nader, Louis Uchitelle who wrote ’The Disposable American’ in 2006, Wall Street Occupiers, the Communist Party USA whose motto is ‘People Before Profits’ and other fighters of Corporate Greed. How many billions and trillions have captalists invested in communist china for their’s and our children to inherit? If we had a more patriotic not for profit socialistic economy with more stringent rules on multinational outsourcers we would still be on top. We already have some protective tarrifs like on steel tubing, we need a lot more. Remember being told Americans don’t want to work in factories when times were good, then we are the best workers in the world and now we ain‘t?

IS PRESIDENT OBAMA STUPID OR DISHONEST? Wouldn’t he take the easy paths of less taxes, smaller govt., etc? When is the fight over Affordable Care going to end and satisfy all? The financial crisis was years in the making as factory after factory shut down. If the Repubs. programs are so right why weren’t they applied years ago when rust belting started? Same for the Democrats, both captalistic.

WHAT IS THE PAY AND WORKING CONDITIONS in all of our outsourced factories? Especially next door Mexico which benefited from NAFTA which produced illegal imigrants, murder inc. and the worlds richest man? Mexico is a big country with many resources and should be able to provide enough jobs with good wages for their own people, in fact every country should. Captalisim isn’t working for Mexico and a whole lot of other countries with no end in sight. A socialist Mexico and other countries would do better.

OUTSOURCING, TAX AVOIDENCE, RUST BELTING is no way to run a country. The policy that the least cost of production justifies outsourcing while the patriotic needs of our country like supporting our troops is secondary. Don’t believe the BS that we are the enemy when there are 435 representitives without a single socialist and only one in the Senate while we preach democracy to a world with many socialists. History will repeat itself if Romney wins, the democrats will accuse him of not delivering the rosey promises he is now making and so it endlessly goes. Lighten up, good and bad things can be said of captalisim and socialisim. Best if we work together.

BEWARE OF STANDARD OPERATING POLITICIANS who promise the sun, moon, stars, and jobs, not mentioning who created rust belting. Neither party has a magic wand to pop up factories and jobs like grass.


To Sell Here Make China Put Their Factories Here As A Joint Venture Like They Make Us Do.

Change The Bottom Line From Money To Patriotisim. Eleminate Immoral Loophole Laws.

Strong Unions For Higher Pay As A Stimulous To The Economy.

Encourage Venture Capital To Be Invested Here With Carrot And Stick Approach.

Nationalize Factories Before They Are Outsourced. (Homeland Security, National Treasure, Etc.)

Create Patriotic, Retirement, Fixed Interest T-Bills Similar To WWII War Bonds. Less Foreign borrowing.

National Interest Before Big Corp. Global Interest. Small Buisness Can’t Provide All The Jobs Needed.

Subsidy Plan Like Communist China Which Ships Goods Not Jobs. If They Can, Why Can’t We?

Make USA A Profitable Ethical Captalistic Country. Socialists & Moral Captalists Can Work Together.

A Socialist - Break the Democratic and Repiblican Make The Rich Richer Congressional Monopoly.